Our future, sustainable growth and continuous productivity enhancement are deeply tied to the outcome of scientific studies and technological findings for solving issues that challenge human well-being. Looking ahead, some elements of our world will change beyond recognition and the people should be prepared for an entirely different world. Pasargad Institute for Advanced Innovative Solutions (PIAIS) is a creative and pioneer entity that wishes to be involved in the creation of the future by engaging in innovation. PIAIS is morally binded to serve the humanity for a healthier, safer, and happier life. PIAIS follows the objective of developing novel ideas to improve the quality of life through benefiting from human and environmental resources, improving public health, developing sustainable energy resources, increasing clean water accessibility, and protecting natural resources in a national and eventually global context. PIAIS aims at achieving a sustainable world based on innovation.

The Field of activity in converging technologies include: Unconventional Liquid Crystals from 2D and 1D materials, Self-Assembled 3D architectures, Graphene and Graphene oxide based 3D hybrid architectures, 2D and layered Materials, Nanocomposites, Hybrid Materials, Energy Storage Systems, Graphene-based biological supercapacitors for battery-free pacemakers,  Hydrogen Storage, Titanium dioxide, Water Splitting, Photocatalysis for industrial use, Metallic Glass, Fabrication and characterization of Advanced Functional Materials for soft magnetic, magnetocaloric refrigerators, thermoelectric, superconducting, and hydrogen storage applications, Cellulose Nano Crystal (CNC) for electronic and energy storage devices, Material discovery using machine learning techniques, Theoretical and experimental electron, phonon transport and superconductivity, Design and fabrication of thermoelectric functional materials, Strongly correlated systems, Quantum dot optoelectronic devices, Quantum Computation, Precious metal recovery from various industrial wastes, Design and fabrication of quantum nano-thermometers for biological applications.