2020, January, 20

Cosmic Bell Test Using Measurement Settings from High-Red shift Quasars

In 1964 John Stewart Bell presented an inequality that was able to test the validity of quantum mechanics against local realist models. The inequality states that any theory that satisfies...

2020, January, 07

Monitoring the Formation of Amyloid Oligomers Using Photoluminescence Anisotropy

 The formation of oligomeric soluble aggregates is related to the toxicity of amyloid peptides and proteins. In this manuscript, we report the use of a ruthenium polypyridyl complex ([Ru(bpy)2(dpqp)]2+) to...

2020, January, 07

Opportunities and Challenges for Chemistry in Iran

Due to the importance of chemistry in different industries, protecting the environment, preventing the destruction of natural resources, and creating a healthy and natural life have emerged as important components...


Photodetectors based on Quantum Confinement in Nanostructure

Evaluating the electronic effect of the pyridine ring on the dual light switching effect of [Re(CO)3(dppz)(Py)]Cl

Development of a gold-nanoparticle-based sensor to detect the activation of the KEAP1-Nrf2 anti-oxidation defense system

Practical development in quantum information and computation