2019, September, 21

Sub-GHz Resonant Magnetoelastic Coupling in Epitaxial Fe Thin Films

The resonant interaction of surface acoustic waves and spin waves is a potential new tool to handle information. However, the natural precession frequencies of most ferromagnetic materials lie in the...

2019, September, 18

Robust Topological Degeneracy of Classical Theories

In this talk, I go over one of my works in which we challenge the hypothesis that the ground states of a physical system whose degeneracy depends on topology must necessarily...

2019, September, 18

Rheological characterization of fluid and relation between rheology and morphology

Flow behavior is one of the important property in the material process. Rheology is characteristic tools to identify these behaviors. Each of these behaviors can be evaluated according to the...


Photodetectors based on Quantum Confinement in Nanostructure

Evaluating the electronic effect of the pyridine ring on the dual light switching effect of [Re(CO)3(dppz)(Py)]Cl

Development of a gold-nanoparticle-based sensor to detect the activation of the KEAP1-Nrf2 anti-oxidation defense system

Practical development in quantum information and computation